Recumbent Trike Plans for
Childs Recumbent Tadpole
22 Jun 09
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It is much, much easier to work from good plans as compared to trying to muddle through on your own. I have built this trike to prove the design and provide the illustrations needed. This will allow you to have a complete sucess on your first effort.  And... you can still make modifications to suit your tools and the materials you happen to have on hand.

This is an easy to build recumbent tricycle suitable for 3 to 6 year olds.  The front wheels are 8 inches diameter and the back wheel is 12 inches in diameter.  It features true diffrential Ackermann steering and solid sprockets so it can be driven forwards and backwards and the pedals provide both power and braking functions. The seat is adjustable for leg length and tilt. The pedals are on a telescopic shaft so they too can be adjusted.  Most common comment from 6 year olds "Awesome"

Wheels, steering and the pedals are on ball bearings for the smoothed possible operation.

The trike is 34 inches long 22 inches wide and 21 inches high overall.

The plans consist of 4 sheets 18 inches by 24 inches and 15 pages of detailed illustrated fabrication instructions.  Lots and Lots of photographs illustrate all aspects of the fabrictaion.  You should have no problem with fabricatong the trike from the drawings and instructions provided.  If you do have problems, you can email me or talk to me face to face on Skype. Skype calls are free worldwide.

email address:
Skype address:  harprit.sandhu      
I am on Central Daylight Time in the USA.

Cost of Plans               $20.00
Shipping and handling  $5.00
  via USPO

Foreign orders are welcome but please ask for a quote first so I can cover customs paperwork for your particular circumstances.  This usually adds $5.00 to the overall costs.

Pay my email addrress at PayPal for fast service.
I can usually ship vial the Post Office  the same day.
Other forms of payment are acceptable but I will hold shipment till the payment clears and is final before I ship.  It can take upto four weeks so Paypal is usually the best method.

If there is enough demand a complete materials kit will be made available from me.

I also have plans for a recumbent trike suitable for 5 to 8 year olds (Model 200) and one for 9 to 12 year olds (Model 300).  The designs are similar to this design.  The wheel sizes are 12 and 16 inches and 16 and 20 inches for the two larger trikes.  All plan sets are the same price.

Model 100
Making a stand out of scraps will make your efforts much easier.