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About being blessed with having a Master Gardener for a wifey
08 Jan ' 05
Dahlias, Zinnias, Sun Flowers and Indian Corn for the little multi colored corn cobs.
The Spirea Van Houti in the middle of winter.
The boys.
Yorkshire terriers.
6 lbs and 5 lbs.
Gussie Bear and Tiger Bunny own the lot and terrorize every living thing that comes to it
Spring Clematis at the back door
Thai peppers are hot and add a lot of color to the garden.
Heirloom Single Marigolds from the farm.  Been in the family for generations, we keep them going.
The same Spirea in spring.  I estimate 1,000,000 flowers but its reallymore like 10,000,000.  The key is never trimming it back.

Behind this is a very very busy street that we never see.
Close up of the Spirea
The garden on the other side in early spring.  I built the screened in porch 10 years ago.  And of course the boss has to have a green house.
Another shot of the garden.
Looking back at the house on 28 December 04
The garden shed on the 28th of December 04