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The Garden Shed. 
A summer full of fun.
Pictures of the construction of the garden shed during the summer of 2003.  GussieBear was 3 and TigerBunny was 6 this summer.   I built a garden shed.  Mitch signed to manage the young Redwalls rock and roll band, Alison was working at the University and Rahul was thinking about moving from E-bay to Paypal in San Jose, California.  It was a great summer and of course as always it was way  too short!
29  Dec  04
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Key to the pictures
Yours truly taking a break at the shed door.
The shed ready to roof.  Gussie runs by.
Roof on and shed getting close to done.
Winter was here before we knew it.
Yes I did build the trusses on site and yes they are much heavier than then need to be but I was loathe to split the 2x4s and so that is the way it went.  After hammering in thousands of nails into the truss plates, I got smart and bought an air compressor large enough to drive the staples my stapler uses. Then couldn't use it. Compressor was too far from house to start under load with the extension cord I was using!
The roof is exactly 16 feet wide (two sheets of plywood) and everything shrinks down from there so there are some odd sizes when you get down to the slab but you don't have all those little trim pieces under the roof that leak forever.
This roof rises 6 in 12 and now I know why no one builds a roof at this slope though it looks pretty darn good.  A pile of shingles laid on the tar paper will not stay put at this slope. Its just a little bit too steep.  And that my friends is a real head ache when you are installing roof shingles.  I picked 6 in 12 because it eliminates waste but then I am not a roofer.
Winter can be beautiful in Illinois.
All one car garages rack terribly after a few years.  Every carpenter and architect I've talked to said "Yeh that's a problem with them one car garages." Well it does not have to be.  This one does not rack and will not rack because its glued together everywhere with liquid nails.
The back of the yard needed a  shed.  And so it came to be that a shed was designed and created specially for garden tool storage.  There are 8 ft of upper and lower cabinets inside for storage.  And an acre lot permits an ample shed.
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The shed is designed to look like a small cottage so it can be a play house for some future family.  The porch is more useful than you can imagine for tea and enjoying the look back to the house.
The summer of '03
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