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Index for the Meccano/MeccanIC System of Hardware, Electronics and Software for the Meccano system.
The preliminary Specifications
Introduction (the intent of this disclosure)

Device List (what can be a part of the MeccanIC system)

Hardware specifications (what the hardware must do to be a part of MeccanIC)

MeccanIC  Motors (specifications)

Components Page 1 (cams switches relays etc)
Components Page 2 (motors and other items)
Components Page 3 (motors and large limit switch)
Components Page 4 (motors)
Components Page 5 (      )
Components Page 6 (      )
Components Page 7 (      )

MeccanIC  Controllers (about the things that control the motors and one way of doing so)

Software language specification (a preliminary description and discussion of the MeccanIC language proposed)

Verbiage storage space (where I store words and ideas that might be useful later in the project but you might find interesting now)

MeccanIC  Comments from readers.  Edited and condensed to make for faster reading.  Please read and comment. Your identity is not disclosed.



Other Meccano related sites that are of interest are    

Pages you may be interesting in looking at if you have an interest in electronics for Meccano.

Michael Adler's discussion of Meccano and Programmable Controllers (PLCs)

2.  The
Electronics in Meccano Home Page.  Lots of good information, maintained by Tim Surtell  This on line source has a lot of good stuff on electronics.  Well worth looking at.

James Johnson's discussion of reed switches in Electronics in Meccano

John Hewes discussion of a Darlington pair speed controller in Electronics in Meccano

A controller that provides very comprehensive capabilities is available from New Zealand.  See

(There are no other specifically
MeccanIC related sites at this time.)

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