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Components - Page 4. 
Electronic Components for the
Meccano/MeccanIC system.
09 Apr 04
Small Pittman motor with dual shafting but shown without a mounting plate.  This motor is a really nice motor for use with Meccano Perfect size and power output.
Small Pittman motor with gearbox and dual shafting.  The motor shaft runs at the full motor speed and the gearbox shaft runs at reduced speed
Another view of MeccanIC switches mounted to a Meccano component

Gearmotors have a problem with aligning both shafts to the 1/2 inch Meccano module at the same time.
The large Pittman motor.  The gearbox on this motor is 2 inches in diameter so this is a powerful motor.  These motors are available with and without gearboxes.