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Table of contents

These are the things the contents have to cover.

Understanding what a computer controlled machine can and cannot do.
Understand the electronic thing
What machines do
Types of machines
Our interests
What all this means as regard computers
Understanding computers
What it takes to run a motor
What the interface available are
Stamp computers
Large stamps
A small single card computer
What the PC can do for you.
Using the PC
How we can do a project overt the internet.
Writing a letter on a XL spreadsheet example
Need for special applications
Designing a language
Suggestion for a language
Compilers for the language

I have spent some time on the Internet trying to find out what the Meccano community thinks is needed to improve the system and to bring it up to today's technology. I did not find much and welcome guidance if there is something I need to look at. We don't need to time on things that have already been decided.

I understand there are some of us think that nothing that Mr. Hornby did not provide should be used in a Meccano model but I personally do not subscribe to this or I would not be writing this about what we need to agree to, to add a proper set of Electrical/Electronic accessories to our system.

The IF something THEN something command
The most important command we need to make decisions is the IF command

In this our interest is:
IF something happens THEN do something

So the command is really a set of two words IF and THEN.
In our specific case the ifs things that happens are

A switch opens or closes, i.e. changes state
A sensor becomes active or inactive
A relay is closed or opened
A counter reaches a value or maybe zero
A timer runs out
An interrupt is set

Once we have decided on the IF part, we have to decide what we are going to do. The kind of things that we can do within our system are
Start or stop a motor
Pull in or release a relay
Turn some thing on or off
End the program
Annunciate an error.
Set a timer
Set a counter
Print something to the display if we have one

Notes on writing the MeccanIC language.

The control language needs to be written in an easy to learn language that provides development for both the Wintel and the Mac computers. There are two BASIC based language that permit this to be done. Both languages use identical code to generate programs that will run on either computer when you use the appropriate compiler. This means that if you download the file from the internet, you can modify it and recompile it with either a Mac or a PC if you have the appropriate software for the computer.

The two applications are
1. True Basic from
2. Real Basic from

I will be using ----- to develop what I am proposing. Since I am not a very sophisticated programmer I invite others to write the language and share their ideas with the group.

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Verbiage storage area.
29 Mar 04