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Here a fairly comprehensive list of the kind of things that could be made a part of the
Meccano/MeccanIC system. Again keep in mind that this is the sum of all possibilities. Out of this we have to make selections that would be the most useful to the largest number of users to make the largest number of automatic/intelligent machines.

Motors and related items
DC motors. All on suitable plates and all with 5/32 inch shafts.
Spare plates for alternate mountings on all except cheapest motors
Mabuchi 600 motors
Small Pittman motors
Large Pittman motors
Small Pittman motor  with gearbox
Large Pittman motor with gearbox
Some Pittman motors can be special and have dual shafts.
Pittman motors are rugged office equipment grade and are rated for 3000 hours of useful life. (That is very long.)
Stepper motors
      Small stepper motors
      Large stepper motors
Servo motors (these get expensive fast)
     Small servo motors
     Large servo motors
Adapters to allow various motors shafts to convert to the
Meccano size

Power supplies
24 volt power supply small 1.5 Amps
24 volt power supply medium 3 Amps
24 volt power supply large 5 Amps
All power supplies have to be totally enclosed (safe) type. Grounded.  All transformers must be at the wall with only the 24 volts coming to our machines

Motor controllers (see discussion elsewhere)
DC Motor controller
Motor speed controller for 2 motors
Stepper Motor controller
Servo Motor controller

Switches and related devices
Toggle switches
Push button
Momentary contact PB and toggle switchess
Reversing switch
On-Off switch on plate
Two switch hole plate
Three switch hole plate
6 switch hole plate.
Microswitch on plate
Wheel type
Leaf type
Small one
Left and right handed designs for all
Reed switches
Proximity Too expensive
Switch Plates
Optical switches
Small switch holder 1 hole
Medium switch holder 3 holes
Large switch holder 5 holes

Cams for actuating switches.
Cam for microswitch
Optical switches.
Optical flags.
Special wheel and cams
Cams for shafts.

DPDT Relays
Connector system
Connectors and bases

Shafts must meet Meccano specs.
Mounting plates

IBM-PC I/O card
Controllers for motors, discussed in more detail elsewhere.
Connector cards
Input from computer cards
Plain copper PC boards on carrier
Pre drilled PC boards on carriers
Cards and mounts for one and two line displays
PC cards for microcomputers

Battery packs

Need to incorporate LEDs into designs.

Card carriers
1 line displays
2 line displays
Led cards
Connector cards

Pneumatic cylinders etc
Single acting
Double acting
Various lengths but all of one diameter of about 1/2; inch
Control valves to suit cylinders. Two way, three way and four way.
Vacuum cups
Toggle switches for compressed air.

Programmable Logic Controller
(PLCs) are quite expensive. A minimal system would be in the neighborhood of $1000.00.  (However I have discovered that often times you can buy a rather powerful older used controller for about $40.00 if you look carefully in the Ebay listings and are not in any immediate hurry.  (Hint: Look for the smaller Omron S6 and 28 series controllers and the programmers for them).

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List of devices that could be a part of Meccano/MeccanIC system.
09 Apr 04