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A built from scratch "Indexer attachment" suitable for shapers and milling machines.
04 Nov '04
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Once upon a time there was a lot of fuss about the non-availability of indexing attachements for the 7 inch shapers that Atlas and South Bend had manufactured.  So I designed one, published the plans on the net, and built one to prove to myself that the design was viable.  Here are the pictures with minimal descriptions.  This was a really fun project in every way.  It is for sale. 
The painted indexing attachment ready for the user.  This has been listed on E-Bay without the gear with a reserve price of $750.00 plus the shipping.  What you see in the painted indexer is what you get.

I have one more set of flamed plates if any one is interested in them. They are all ground on both sides.  Price $100.00 per set plus shipping payable through PayPal.  They are heavy so shipping will be about $40.00 or more if you are far away.  (in USA) .  Well worth the price if you would like to make and own an indexer.  These indexers are very rare and they go for about $1400.00 when and if ever available on the internet.

My drawings are posted at
if you would like to look at them, they are under "S7 Indexer Attachment"  as Autocad 14 files and you can download them at no charge.  They are not 100% true to the indexer I built above.

As always I welcome your comments.  Enjoy.

The three flamed plates and a mock up layout of what  the indexer would look like when done.
Either a gear or a plate may be used for indexing. Pin mechanism close to completion.

Note the three mounting holes
Finished divinding plate ready for drilling the holes through and clean up.
Two views of progress on the head of the indexer.
Headstock pictures.  Misc.
Headstock spindle fit up and tailstock across from headstock.

Headstock detail
Early headstock machining picture.  The counter weights are 14 Ga plates so I can use as many as I need.  I needed two stacks here!

Dividing plate mounted on face plate and ready for holes to be drilled in it.
Holes being drilled in the indexing plate.  60 Holes are the most useful and can be used for 2 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 12, 15, 20, and 30 divisions.
Finished talistock, ready for

Head and tail stocks read to have the bases machined
Machining the spindle between the chuck and a ball bearing  center.
Clamp was made new and was the first thing I made one evening as I was getting antsy to get on with the project.

Head casting and spindle.  The back of the spindle has not been machined at this point.
Checking the set up for machining the holes in the headstock and in the tailstock on the same set up so that they will have identical center heights.
All done with the machining.
Ready for the paint brush!
The finsihed indexing attachment ready for paint.  This is a very heavy duty unit and should allow one to make whatever one has in mind without worrying about the indexer flexing.  This one has the threads for a Myford chuck (1.25 x 12 tpi).  Another spindle is easy to make.   The capacity of this indexer is 5.5 inch round by 8 inches between centers (max). 
This is what you will get
Views of the machined headstock with the dividing plate attached.  Machining is complete at this time.
Note that the entire indexing mechanism has to be attached to the head, not the base.
10 Jun '05
10 Jun '05