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The hand drill, the only one in the world (Its a skill thing).
05  Mar 05
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I wanted to see how small a bevel gear I could make with what I had in the way of skills and tools.  So the two small bevel gears were made first and the rest followed.  The chuck will hold a drill in a stub piece but I am working on ideas to make it more flexible.  The chuck OD is 0.250 inches so its pretty tight! 
(If you must know, the gears could be a tad smaller and still have 20 teeth),
There are no plans or sketches, I made it as I went.


The hardest part was silver soldering the frame that has to have its 7 parts together and lined up and just right at one time.  I pinned some of them with 1/32 inch brass rod as suggested by Kozo Hiraoka  the great model engineer from Japan. Still it takes some doing.  Note that it does not line up real good.  Even so it works real well.
I finally went ahead and drew up the detailed plans (11x17), you can have a copy for $10.00 and pay me via Paypal.