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Harprit's fun projects.  Strange and interesting machines/projects built over the years. 
The following diverse projects (the more fun ones rather than the more serious) are described.  The commercial work I have done is omitted because a lot of that  work is proprietary and we don't want to upset the clients. 

An interesting
Skimmer designed for removing Duck Weed from a pond surface so you dont have to use chemicals.  Designed by me and  built by Dr. Clif B.   If you are interested in building one of these skimmers we might be able to help you.  It collects an awful lot of duck weed in a hurry.  We also have a design for a travelling skimmer in mind.    AND     An unusual 4 inch pipe Conveyor similar to the washer/hutt water pump principle for bringing the skimmed duck weed up 20  feet to the side of the pond for disposal.  This is a conveyor built on the cheap,and specially for handling the collected duck weed.

The summer of '03
Garden Shed project.  A simple design anyone can build.  I built it almost all single handedly in one summer ('03).   Friends helped with panel and truss erection and specially with the roofing (Special thanks to Harvey the Fox).  Thanks to all.  Pictures of the flowers and garden.

The all electric sidewalk vehicle the
Burro is a pretty machine.  The tiller makes it move both backwards and forwards and also does the steering.  Just like an airplane except for the backwards part! 

patterns for aluminum and iron castings See what I  was able to do on my first effort.  The hard part is finding a foundry to cast loose patterns for you.  I have a source in Ohio who will but they are not cheap.  Its well worth it though (for personal use castings which would otherwise be impossible to obtain).

The current madness is the ongoing Hexapod project. A walking machine you can actually ride on!  Progress reports are posted from time to time.  If you have an interest in walking machines you may want to check here from time to time.  These pages takes quite a while to load.  Let me know if you find this to be a serious problem.

An easy way to
make a boiler for a small steam locomotive.  Copper construction.  This boiler is a part of my 0-4-0 model 7.25 / 7.5 inch gauge locomotive which has been designed and described in detail but has not been built.  Hope to serialize it in the Model Engineer after I build it and take all the pictures that are needed for the articles.

A machine for ma
king small wooden parts that will be used in making musical string instruments.  It uses an interesting table that allows flexible assembly.

magic wooden box and stand.  You will have to guess what it does as you go through the pages.  The last image shows you what it does

Books that I have written that are in print and in the process of being written along with some reviews.  The single microprocessor book is still in process.

cricket breeding facility to breed crickets to feed to a friend's pet iguana and other strange creatures.  Easy to build and it works!  Lots of crickets every month or so.

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Special interest items (in development)
for lovers of small things that work and other specially interesting items

The hand drill Built from the head, no plans.
The old timey carpenter's wooden planer
The little sieve
The tool sharpener (for a surface grinder)
The workbench and stool
The school clock
My version of the GHT dividing head
My version of the GHT mini drill
Above two are from the Model Engineer
The Indexer
A three decker tote
The tree house

Replica of
1906 electric clock designed by  John Wilding and modified by me.  This was the first electric clock on the market.  Work is in progress.  Interesting horizontal plane wheel pendulum design.