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The "Burro", Page 2
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The "Burro" is an all electric, one person, sidewalk vehicle that has a range of about 20 miles on a full charge with new batteries.  The Burro is very rugged vehicle that can climb a street curb and go down the railroad tracks.  It will not go through a doorway but it will take you and your wheelchair and your crutches shopping and haul back a hundred pounds of goodies.

The Burro is very easy to maintain.  Any competant lawn mower shop mechanic can take care of all your Burro's service  needs.  I provide a repair manual with each machine.
02 Apr 04
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Electric Vehicle Corporation
705 West Kirby Ave.,
Champaign, IL 61820-6833 USA
Tel 217-359-6751, please leave a mesage
Burros are made to order though we do usually have one or two in stock.

Used Burros are sometimes available. Please inquire.
"Burro" Picture gallery

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