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08 Jan 10
This web  site was started on 13 Mar '04.
This is the "main  Index page" also called  "Home"  throughout the site.
Inexpensive DC Motors with quadrature encoders attached. 
Available from me on this website.  I have developed a family of small inexpensive DC motors with open encoders that are suitable for use with robots and home brewed CNC machines.  Go to
Burro sidewalk vehicle. 
All electric one person vehicle with a range of ~20 miles.  Electric Vehicle Corp.
I need some one to manufacture this machine
I will help.
Interesting and unusual Projects  
I have designed (or played with) or built or both.   Mostly pictures.
Modifying a Military Standard 4A032 engine (500 cc) for use with a very light homebuilt aircraft.  This is not for the traditional ultralight aircraft.
Construction of a very Light Aircraft for the 4A032 surplus Military Standard Engine.  This is not for the traditional ultralight aircraft.
Bragging rights page for Harprit Singh Sandhu
(Could one carelessly call this a resume?)
The proposed Meccano MeccanIC Standard and Specification.
This was the primary purpose for starting this web site but unfortunately the interest in this is next to ZERO.
Very sad indeed.  However I am leaving the information on the net just in case some one is interested in this
Links to other interesting  bike sites:
Community forum for all sorts of bike activities

I have three sets of plans for recumbents for children of the following approximate ages. The above is for 4 to 6 year olds.  The one on the right one is for  5 to 8 year olds and the one below is for 9 to 12 year olds. Each set of plans is $20.00 plus $5.00 for shipping and handling. You get
4 detailed sheets 18" by 24" each plus 16 pages of instructions and illustrations for each trike. 

detailed plans for more information on small trike
or Skype me
or e-mail me
or call me.
The  LAB-X1 Microcontroller Book Information
Very detailed plans for building these children's tadpole recumbent trikes.  They are easy to build with minimal tools and experience.  Get a set of plans and take a look for yourself.
Contact information
email             harprit.sandhu@gmail.com
Skype           harprit.sandhu
Telephone    217-359-6751 CDTime USA

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8 and 12 inch wheels
12 and 16 inch wheels
16 and 20 inch wheels
This one is really tiny and really cute.